Our Heritage

This modern contemporary 4 star hotel is located on the former residence of the erstwhile British governors and two Governors general, Sir Baddeley Devesi and Sir George Lepping of the independent Solomon islands.

The building itself traces its history back the 1950’s. The hotel was opened to the public on the 27th of August, 2009 and it has retained its original structure in the main building. It was during the time the ethnic conflicts had subsided in 2005, Papua New Guinea based business magnate and the current Solomon Islands Trade Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Sir Kostas Constantinou, dared to venture in to the country with a dream and a business proposal.

He had the foresight and the vision that the country would rebuild its infrastructure and would be making strides towards modernity. Tourism being one of the cornerstones in most economies, Solomon Islands would also look towards the sector and this would necessitate a hotel which would be able to meet the demands of the modern traveler. He scouted around for a likely location and would settle for nothing but the one on which the hotel currently stands.

The Superannuation fund of Papua New Guinea was also looking for a possible investment in the country and thus became a willing partner. Subsequently the SI Provident Fund came on board the company to one of its most prestigious investments. Commercial operations started in 2009, and 6 years down the line the Heritage Park Hotel has managed to carve a name for itself in the hospitality sector of the Pacific.